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    Faster Upgrade Flow Calls for New Mindset

    A large lineup of upgrades in a single year is becoming “business as usual” for ISCAR and in general for the tooling industry as a whole. ISCAR has introduced many new and improved products every year for the last several years, and the rate is expected to keep rising for the foreseeable future. At ISCAR, about 60% of all sales are for products that were introduced within the past five years.
    The good news about this trend is that the manufacturing engineer has more and more choices - more solutions at his fingertips to optimize a new operation, to increase productivity output or debottleneck an existing one. It’s more likely than ever that at any one time, there is a new tool out there that can improve at least one key machining operation in your shop by 30% or more. Unless you keep improving operations, you risk losing out to the competitor who does.