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    The medical industry finds ISCAR – a leading cutting tool manufacturer an appropriate partner to achieve its requirements for precision and stringent part manufacturing.

    ISCAR’s innovative cutting tools provides turning, grooving, parting, threading, milling and drilling tools by which you can produce better and more reliable medical parts. ISCAR offers the most advanced cutting tool materials and geometries to produce precision and high surface finish parts in the most efficient manufacturing conditions.

    Grades specifically designed for machining applications on stainless steel and super alloys. Grades such as IC907, IC908 IC328 and IC928 are ideal for milling and turning titanium and nickel base alloys like nitinol commonly found in medical components. These grades are available for ISCAR standard tools with specially designed positive and sharp edged chipformers.

    Range of Tools
    Part Production
    Bone Screw Machining Layout