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    New Gundrill and Deep Drilling Heads
    Carrying Inserts with 3 Edges

    The TOGT inserts feature 3 chip splitting cutting edges, a positive rake chip breaker and a wiper for high hole surface quality. The new inserts are available in 5 sizes, made from IC908, a versatile PVD coated grade.

    • The only deep drills with a 3 cutting edged insert (other manufacturers only offer inserts with 1 or 2 cutting edges)
    • Highly accurate peripherally ground insert, provides high hole diameter accuracy of IT10
    • The chip splitter produces narrow chips for efficient chip evacuation, enabling higher feed rates compared to other drills available in the market
    • A wiper on the insert provides extra fine surface finish
    • Direct insert mount - no adjustment needed for accurate hole diameter
    • The drills can carry the new economic solid carbide or the brazed guide pads